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  1. I love music.
  2. John studys in his bedroom.
  3. Linda’s brothers get up at 7.30.
  4. My mother writes children’s books.
  5. Our dog sleeps in the garden.
  6. Mum and Dad drive to the sopermarket on Saturdays.
  7. We really like the new cafe.
  8. Louise gets newvous before a test a school.


  1. He plays tennis, but he doesn’t play football.
  2. My aunt likes dogs,  but she doesn’t likes cats.
  3. I read newspapers, but i don’t read books.
  4. My parents watch films, but they doesn’t watc TV.
  5. Matt likes trains, but he doesn’t like airplane.


1.A: Do you know the answer to this question?
B:No, i don’t. I don’t know any of the answers!

2. A:Do you listen to the radio?
B:No, i don’t. But i listen to CDs in my room.

3.A:Does she going to the beach?
B:No, she doesn’t. But she like going to the cinema.

4.A:Are they Science at school?
B:Yes, they are.They study Biology and Physics.

5.A:Does he speak English?
B:Yes, he does. He speaks French and Italian, too.

6.A:Where are yoy living?
B:I live in a flat in Manchester.

7.A:When is your brothers go to the sports club?
B:They go there on Friday afternoons.

8.A:What she wear to school?
B:She wears a brown and white uniform.


Ben:What do tou usually do at the weekend, Andy?
Andy:Oh, my weekends are always the same.I meet my friend on Friday night and we go to the cinema.
Ben:Where do you go after the film?
Andy:To our favoruite cafe. We drink coffee or hor chocolate there. Usually we are not go home before 11 o’clock.
Ben:And what about Saturdays?
Andy:On Saturdays i get upearly. I play games on my sister’s computer. it’s OK because she doesn’t get up before 10.30 on Saturdays.
Ben:Does your sister is working?
Andy:Yes, she is work in a shop, but she doesn’t like her job.
Ben:Oh, i see. And what else do you do at the weekend?
Andy:Well, my friends often come to my house on Saturday afternoon. On Sundays i am not go out. I will do my homework.
Ben:Yeah, me too.

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