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Time Management Skills

Tidying up can improve both self-esteem and motivation. You will also find it easier to stay on top of things if your workspace is tidy, and you keep your systems up to date.

Top Tip for Tidying:

Create three piles of your stuff: Keep, Give Away, and Throw Away.

  • Keep, if you need to keep it for your records, or do something with it. If it needs action, add it to your task list.
  • Give away, if you don’t want it, but someone else might be able to use it, and/or it is work that can and should be delegated.
  • Throw away (or recycle) for things that have no value to you or anyone else.

Use A ‘To Do’ List

Whether electronic or paper, lists are a good way to remember what you’ve got to do, and to see at a glance what you’ve forgotten.

Consider highlighting the most important items in some way, and remember to take things off your list when they are complete and/or no longer need doing.

If a task is genuinely urgent and important, get on with it.

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