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38.1 What do you say in these situations?

  1. is correct
  2. is correct
  3. is correct
  4. is correct
  5. is correct
  6. is correct
  7. is correct

38.2 Put the verb into correct form.

  1. pointed
  2. both
  3. asked
  4. lose
  5. bad
  6. start
  7. gave, would have

38.3 Write sentences beginning if … .

  1. If we caught the 10.30 train, we’d arrive too early.
  2. If he had prepared for the driving test, it would not have failed.
  3. If we decided to say hotel, it is vey expensive.
  4. Sally is not going to leave her job for another job.
  5. We decided not to join Ben at the party but I have to invite, we are also friends.
  6. I’m not going to tell him what happened, he does not believe me.

38.4 Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.

  1. I’d buy a house.
  2. he was not afraid of heights.
  3. Learn all the rules.
  4. from his behavior.
  5. he will take that step.

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