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Past Perfect – Positive and Negative

Make the positive or negative past perfect simple

1) When I arrived at the cinema, the film had started (start).

2) She had lived (live) in China before she went to Thailand.

3) After they had eaten (eat) the shellfish, they began to feel sick.

4) If you had listened (listen) to me, you would have got the job.

5) Julie didn’t arrive until after I had left (leave).

6) When we had finished (finish) dinner, we went out.

7) The garden was dead because it had been (be) dry all summer.

8) He had met (meet) her somewhere before.

9) We were late for the plane because we had forgotten (forget) our passports.

10) She told me she had studied (study) a lot before the exam.

11) The grass was yellow because it hadn’t rained (not/rain) all summer.

12) The lights went off because we hadn’t paid (not/pay) the electricity bill.

13) The children hadn’t done (not/do) their homework, so they were in trouble.

14) They hadn’t eaten (not/eat) so we went to a restaurant.

15) We couldn’t go into the concert because we hadn’t brought (not/bring) our tickets.

16) She said that she hadn’t visited (not/visit) the UK before.

17) Julie and Anne hadn’t met (not/meet) before the party.

18) I hadn’t had (not/have) breakfast when he arrived.

19) He hadn’t used (not/use) email before, so I showed him how to use it.

20) You hadn’t studied (not/study) for the test, so you were very nervous.

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