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  1. I m sitting on the sofa.
  2. We are watching TV.
  3. Are you from England?
  4. He is going home.
  5. They re paying footbal.
  6. It is a wonderful day today.
  7. We are speaking English.
  8. Is she Kevin’s sister?
  9. You are swiming in the pool.
  10. Are they in the cinema?


  1. He is dreaming.
  2. It is green.
  3. They are on the wall.
  4. It is running.
  5. We are watching TV.
  6. They are in the garden.
  7. He is riding his bike.
  8. She is from Bristol.
  9. She has got a brother.
  10. Have you got a computer, Mandy?


  1. Whose bike is this? Is it really his?
  2. Is he your teacher?
  3. Hey Ron! This is not our car. Ours is red.
  4. Lisa broke her left leg.
  5. This is my house, where’s theirs?
  6. Is this Emily’s room? — Yes, it’s heres.
  7. I lost my pen in the library, Can I have one of yours?
  8. Stop! — These sweets are all mine.
  9. Did you forget to do your homework yesterday? — No i didn’t. I did my homework.

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