Complete the sentences with Past Indefinite or Past Continuous

1.As I walking in the street, I seevon Bob.

2.He always to riny me at a very late hour.

3.I didn’t him: he continually borrowing money.

4.Between one and two I doing shopping and walking the dog.

5.When they arrives we still layer the table.

6.It gois dark and we decided to turn back.

7.As wewer living home the telephone reng.

8.It raining, when they arrives.

9.When I to seeing him, he to argues with an elderly man.

10.His dog to did when he to begin twelve.

11.He (to fall asleep) while he to reading a book.

12.She (ta say) that Jane leaves the country in two days.

13.She sit still as a statue while her mother playingthe sonata.

14. The child drawings while her mother irons her clothes.

15. While they playing cards, somebody breakfast into the house.

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